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  • Wine sales

    One of the main services we provide is certainly the sale of wines, one of the most loved and appreciated drinks in the world. Wine is the product of alcoholic fermentation, with or without pomace, carried out by yeasts. Color is the first sensation that wine gives us. The distinction between white, red and rosé wines refers on the one hand to the color of the grape skins. We have a large catalog of wines that we sell to our customers, both red and white, of various flavors and specific organoleptic properties.

  • Liquor sales

    We also deal with the sale of liqueurs, always very popular at the end of the meal. A liqueur is a sweetened and flavored alcoholic drink. A liqueur is a sugary alcoholic solution based on brandy, with the addition of water, sugar and essences of aromatic plants, obtained by distillation. The liqueurs are flavored spirits, appropriately mixed and colored and then sweetened with sugars of various origins: sucrose, dextrose, glucose syrup. It is also important to make a clear distinction between liqueurs and bitters.

  • Sale of olive oil

    An indispensable food in the kitchen for its active use in many recipes. Olive oil is an edible oil extracted from olives. The oil obtained at the mill after processing the olives is called virgin olive oil or extra virgin olive oil and can be fully qualified as a Natural Product. This food is rich in good fats, which aid digestion and fight cholesterol; for this reason, moderate use is often recommended in all diets, especially in those with evident deficiencies of healthy fats.

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